Questions and Answers:

     Q:  how often should I wax?

A:  Wax regularly! You will have far better results as your hair will gradually weaken, growth will appear finer and some clients experience a reduction in hair growth over time.


     Q:  what about aftercare?

A:  Your hair follicles will be open after your treatment, so it is important to avoid the following for 24 hours after your wax:

     ~ Excessive perspiration and friction        ~ Sauna / Steam room

     ~ Hot bath / Shower / Swimming              ~ UV exposure

     ~ Fake tan / Body Lotion / Perfume          ~ Tight clothing


     Q:  Should I be embarrassed?

A:  Don't be embarrassed. We specialise in waxing and it is our objective to put you at ease and provide you with a professional wax treatment. Needless to say, you will recieve 100% discretion and total client confidentiality.


     Q:  Is there a bad time to be waxed?

A:  Some women find they are particularly sensitive for the few days leading up to their period. If this applies to you, especially if it's your first treatment, then you should try scheduling your wax for after this time.


     Q:  Do you wax men?

A:  We wax men by special appointment only. If your wife or girlfriend is a regular customer then we will be happy to wax your back or chest. We do not do intimate male waxing.



If you have any questions please feel free to either give us a call, send an Email, or post your questions via the feedback section of the website.