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  • Sarah (Wednesday, June 06 18 08:17 pm BST)

    What can I say. Karen is a force of nature. She put me at by ease and waxed me without any pain whatsoever.
    Cannot recommend her highly enough.

  • Rebecca (Friday, March 16 18 11:37 am GMT)

    Though no one ever truly looks forward to the wax itself, I can honestly say that my waxes with Karen are as comfortable and pain free as possible and my experience whilst on the bed is one that unlike in past experiences, I do not dread. (ok im not going to say I look forward to it exactly) BUT! Not only does she put your mind at ease, gives expert advice, provides only the best waxing materials- praise the lord when the purple wax comes out- she makes you feel valued. She really cares about her clients and I have raved about her to anyone who will listen. I can't stress enough how improved my waxing experience is compared to past waxes in other salons. In truth they are a COUPLE pounds cheaper but theres a very good reason for that. Karen is worth every penny and I cannot recommend her and her services enough!
    Thank you Karen!

  • Charlotte (Monday, February 19 18 09:58 pm GMT)

    Amazing! I wouldn't go anywhere else for my waxing. Karen is brilliant at her job, very professional and makes you feel completely at ease straight away, the salon is very comfortable and the atmosphere is very pleasant! I can't recommend Karen enough.
    Thank you Karen x

  • Jules (Saturday, January 20 18 08:22 am GMT)

    Karen makes you feel at complete ease from the moment you walk through the door. I had never had a wax before and I was amazed at how relaxed she made me feel.
    She talks you through everything she is going to do and gives guidance on aftercare. She is highly professional and very discreet. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

  • Nat (Thursday, November 16 17 11:05 am GMT)

    Karen is quite simply the best. She manages to do a brilliant job of a complete hollywood whilst making you feel totally at ease. There's never any wax residue left and minimal redness afterwards. I would certainly not go anywhere else now I've found the expert! Thanks Karen :-)

  • Kimmi L (Friday, July 28 17 10:07 pm BST)

    Amazing!! It was the most painfree waxing ever!!!! Having not had a bikini wax for around 10 months I was expecting the worse, especially as I was having a Brazilian....and resembling a yeti!!!! 😂

    Karen was fantastic! So friendly and made me feel so comfortable and with no awkward embarrassing feelings!!!

    I came away and literally had no inkling of having just been waxed. With great tips from Karen for aftercare!

    My next appointment booked for 6 weeks time and would highly recommend Karen to anybody!! Anyone with a low pain threshold should book and anyone who just wants the best treatment...needs to see Karen.

    Just fabulous!!

  • Bella (Saturday, March 25 17 12:06 pm GMT)

    Karen puts you at ease instantly. Makes the whole experience very pleasant. The standard of waxing is brilliant.

  • Zoe (Thursday, October 13 16 01:51 pm BST)

    I have been visiting Karen for my regular waxing for almost 3 years now. I used to dread the painful, awkward and uncomfortable experience of getting waxed by a complete stranger, but since I found
    Karen I don't anymore. I look forward to my appointment to see and catch up with Karen, Amazing at what she does and while keeping completely professional, makes me feel special and a valued
    customer. I wouldn't go anywhere else! Thanks Karen! X

  • Sam Bennett (Friday, June 03 16 07:56 pm BST)

    I love getting my waxing done by Karen. She is professional, friendly, amazing at what she does and makes you feel comfortable from the second you walk in to the moment you leave. Highly recommend.

  • Rebecca St Neots (Monday, March 07 16 08:00 pm GMT)

    I went to Karen for the first time two days ago and have got to say it was the best wax I have ever had and I have been getting waxed for more than ten years and moved around a lot so have been to
    lots of places. Karen clearly knows what she's talking about and doing and her manner put me at ease straight away.

    It was by far the least painful wax I have ever had, which was incredibly surprising - I didn't realise it could be like that. And unlike every other place I've been too, there was no discomfort even
    as early as I was up and walking out the door. (Normally I'd be walking like my grandmother in need of a hip replacement.)

    There is no way I am ever going anywhere else now and would recommend her to anyone.

    Lastly, if she operated from a hovel, I'd still return because of her manner, professionalism and skills (seriously, can't get over how painless it was) but as it happens, her salon is lovely. It's
    inviting and calming and private. Thank you Karen!

  • Danielle (Wednesday, October 14 15 07:03 pm BST)

    I visited Karen for the first time today and I have no hesitation in saying that it's not the last either! The salon is beautifully set up and Karen made me feel really at home. As for the waxing...
    The best I've ever had. Karen did a fantastic job and I am definitely returning. Thanks Karen x

  • Helena (Friday, September 18 15 09:26 pm BST)

    Thanks Karen for another perfect precise wax, as always friendly & professional in your very comfortable salon 100% the best wax I've ever had, very happy to have been visiting your salon for 7
    years now! Thanks again "Highly Recommended"

  • Sharon (Friday, August 14 15 12:40 pm BST)

    Today was my first visit to Karen in her very clean, organised and fabulous looking salon, Hollywood. I found Hollywood whilst searching on the web following my recent move to the St Neots
    First impressions of the website - she knows what she's doing and offers a quality professional service.
    First impressions of the salon - it looks taken care of. It shouts pride in what Karen does, so I knew straight away this was going to be a good first experience.... this was by far the BEST wax I
    have ever had. I have made my next appointment and I WILL NOT be going anywhere else but Hollywood.
    As soon as I walked in the door, I felt comfortable. Karen is very warm and friendly; I immediately felt at ease. Karen called me by my name and talked me through every step of my wax; she is very
    thorough and professional.
    I'd recommend Karen 100%. There's no need to feel embarrassed, and there's no need to feel anxious. You'll wonder why you just didn't go here in the first place! Thank you Karen :o)

  • Nicole (Friday, April 24 15 11:36 am BST)

    Best waxing I have ever had, I could not recommend Karen enough to everyone I speak to about waxing. Relaxing environment, Karen is extremely friendly and professional and the wax result is amazing.
    Thanks Karen!

  • Stacey (Tuesday, January 27 15 08:08 pm GMT)

    Absolutely worth every single penny. Karen is not only the most professional therapist I know she is also the most comfortable and relaxing person to be around whilst doing your treatments. The wax
    is highest quality, the temperature is perfect, the ambiance is stunning and I can honestly say that I genuinley look forward to my next appmt to see her. I\'ve been to many different salons etc but
    they are nothing like Hollywood P W. Thank you Karen you\'re a gem :-)
    Stacey x

  • Victoria (Friday, November 21 14 09:32 pm GMT)

    Have been a customer of Karen\'s for the last 3 years. I recently had to go to an alternative salon due to work commitments keeping me from st neots. Never again! From my first visit I was made to
    feel at ease and totally comfortable and I now look forward to seeing Karen; our funny chats and her expertise mean I feel very little or no pain at all and always leave satisfied. You get what you
    pay for in life, and a painfree wax and a giggle along the way is worth every penny. I\'ll certainly travel back to st neots than go anywhere else again. Cheers Karen :-)

  • Yasmin Greenwood (Friday, October 24 14 02:41 pm BST)

    I can't praise Karen enough. I have had a hollywood wax a few times and was always left with strips of hair. I come to the conclution it must be the norm untill a friend recommended me. Iv never felt
    so comfortable, pain free and hairless before! It's completely true you pay for what you get. I feel like iv never been waxed properly till now and will never go to anyone else. Thanks again Karen
    from a very pleased customer :)

  • Agnès (Saturday, October 11 14 09:17 am BST)

    I have been going to the Salon for the last 5 years and I have never been disappointed!
    Karen is very professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel very confortable from my first appointment treating me like an individual, not just another customer.
    I will definitively recommend the salon to anyone looking to get the best service and results.

  • Kelly (Wednesday, September 10 14 02:54 pm BST)

    Today I had my first Brazilian wax with Karen... And I am soooooooo pleased with the experience and results!!! As a beauty therapist myself, I have heard and seen the bad results of waxing and wanted
    to only have an experienced therapist wax me. I am so glad I chose Hollywood waxing, I was put at ease and made to feel comfortable. And as silly as it sounds the waxing was virtually pain free.
    Booked my next appointment and would hugely recommend Karen to others.

  • Becky (Tuesday, June 17 14 04:34 pm BST)

    Best place to go for a wax. Yes it may be a little more expensive than other salons, but it is so worth it. Karen is fab. I'd never go anywhere else. Thanks Karen x

  • Jacqueline Clarke (Friday, June 06 14 11:53 am BST)

    I have very happily been going to Hollywood for 12 months but in April this year relocated back to Yorkshire. Having looked at local salons, non of which met Karen's standards I was in a quandary as
    to what to do. Solution - yesterday I drove 288 miles for Karen to work her magic. Sorted! Would recommend her to anyone who is new to waxing, is looking to change salons or who thinks they know what
    a good/bad waxing experience is. Trust me - Karen will show you how it should be done!

  • Stef (Thursday, April 24 14 12:18 pm BST)

    My first Hollywood, Karen is lovely and the experience wasn't painful at all. Defo will recommend, it's not embarrassing Karen has seen it all before! Get it done you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • natalie pearson (Wednesday, March 19 14 10:10 pm GMT)

    had a lovely experience and most definitely the least painful wax ive ever had, I would definitely recommend his salon o anyone wanting a thorough wax.

  • Kym Pope (Friday, March 07 14 05:25 pm GMT)

    Lovely time, Karen is lovely and put me at ease straight away. The waxing was a lot more comfortable that any previous wax I've had. Will definitely be going back on a regular basis. Anyone who is
    deciding whether or not to go for it. DO IT! You will not regret it! x

  • Sandra Milton keynes (Wednesday, February 26 14 09:28 am GMT)

    I have been coming to Karen for some time now and with out any doubt the best wax I have experienced. Totally professional and relaxed at the same time. would highly recommend.

  • Jodie (Friday, December 13 13 12:39 pm GMT)

    My first visit today to Hollywood precision waxing and it truly was precision ! And your dignity is definitely left at the door ! Karen is a top waxer and certainly knows her job ! A clean salon and
    a lovely therapist ! Was highly recommended by 2 friends and I wasn't dissapointed ! Thank you Karen see you next month ;)

  • Rosie Burlingame (Thursday, December 12 13 10:33 pm GMT)

    I would highly recommend Hollywood precision Wax. Karen is very knowledgeable about waxing and skin care. It's comforting to know you are being taken care of by one of the best in the business. The
    atmospher is very calming and Karen uses the top of the line products. To top it off, she is very personable and a pleasure to be around. Oh and the waxing is actually painless. This is due to the
    wax that is used and she also applies oils which soothes the skin and there is absolutely no redness left behind. I have not yet seen any other shop that provides such high quality service and
    products like Hollywood Precision Wax. Thank You Karen!!

  • Renee bridges (Friday, November 22 13 03:31 pm GMT)

    I have had waxing done for several years but for the last few years found it more painful.
    Karen was so professional & made me feel easy. Will NOT be going anywhere else from now on.
    If you are thinking of getting waxed, defiantly ok in here!!! FANTASTIC

  • Lucy (Saturday, October 05 13 05:53 pm BST)

    Was made to feel really comfortable and relaxed. The wax itself was quick and no where near as painful as previous waxes. I was extremely pleased with the outcome and there were no hairs left! Will
    definitely come again and recommend!

  • Samantha Jackson (Sunday, September 29 13 12:00 pm BST)

    Thank you karen for my wax. I have been to lots of different salons this was the least painful and best result I have had. I will be returning. Very friendly and proffessional. Strongly Recommend

  • Jess (Friday, September 27 13 03:05 pm BST)

    Thank you Karen for making me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my waxing, Karen is so professional and the results are great. Hardly felt a thing, I would highly
    recommend Karen to anyone.

  • Tracey (Thursday, September 26 13 02:45 pm BST)

    I have been going to Karen for over 2 years now.
    She is professional, bubbly and friendly.
    I like to consider Karen as a friend now, as we put the world to rights over the wax!

  • Annie (Monday, September 16 13 10:04 am BST)

    This place is a gem!!! The waxing is completely pain free! Karen is lovely and makes you feel so welcome -i always look forward to the next wax!!

  • Joanne (Thursday, August 15 13 03:32 pm BST)

    Excellent friendly service.
    A joy to visit!

  • Kerry picking (Saturday, August 03 13 08:04 pm BST)

    Karen, I just wanted to personally thank you for changing my thoughts on intimate waxing. As a beauty therapist and waxer myself I have always found intimate waxing to be a painful and cringey
    experience. I am totally won over. My wax was not only completely pain free but stress/embarrasment free too! I will 100% be coming back. Thank you. Kxxxxx

  • Una (Saturday, August 03 13 01:58 pm BST)

    This was my first time for an intimate wax and WOW, I didn't feel a thing. Karen was friendly, professional and put me at ease. She has seen parts of me that I haven't even seen myself! I'm not local
    to St Neots but the 40 minute drive was worth it. I feel like I've found my new best friend :)

  • Hazel (Friday, August 02 13 10:54 pm BST)

    Don't go anywhere else, you will come out feeling like you have had a beauty treatment not been in a torture chamber..Karen is lovely and makes you feel really relaxed. Highly recommend

  • Livia (Wednesday, June 05 13 09:14 pm BST)

    As usual great results! Thanks Karen :)

  • Katie (Wednesday, May 08 13 02:20 pm BST)

    I've been waxing a long time and never have I been so pleased with the results of a Hollywood wax. Karen is the ultimate professional with an amazing personality that makes you feel at ease
    immediately. I would definitely recommend and will certainly be back!

  • Paula Stritter (Monday, April 22 13 02:40 pm BST)

    Where do I start.....
    My last waxing experience a number of years ago left me scarred physically and mentally when a strip of skin was removed during the process, therefore taking the plunge to try out this salon filled
    me with terror.
    Karen has an affable manner and immediately identified my hesitation and fear before I had explained my previous experience. The additional embarrassment factors of poor maintenance of that area and
    being overweight only added to my dilemma.
    Karen was professional, yet friendly at all times and willing to work with me on my limited availability whilst seizing the opportunity to help me get going ASAP with my first appointment.
    On arrival at the salon, there is a calmness and tranquility that is immediately reassuring and Karen is as bubbly and friendly in person as on telephone.
    As for the waxing I can honestly say that it was painless, I was shocked at how different the experience can be, and why this technique is not being used everywhere. I left the salon feeling relaxed
    with no post-wax uncomfortableness or reactions. Additionally, the results have far outweighed my expectations based on past waxing experiences.
    I would recommend this salon to novices or anyone with previous bad experiences or phobia. Waxing can be an enjoyable part of pampering again.

  • Gemma (Thursday, March 21 13 11:53 pm GMT)

    Had my first wax with Karen today and it was a lovely experience, will be back. Although I have been frequently waxed elsewhere, this was very comfortable and achieved excellent results. Karen is
    polite, friendly, professional and a perfectionist, just what you need with such an important task at hand!

  • Michelle W (Sunday, February 24 13 05:51 pm GMT)

    I discovered Hollywood in st Neots last summer, and now wouldn't go anywhere else.
    Karen is well worth the money, it's the most comfortable wax I've ever had and there's absolutely no soreness afterwards.
    Excellent results that really last. I'd recommend her to anyone!

  • Sarah (Friday, February 22 13 03:00 pm GMT)

    I just had my second 'hollywood' wax, but my first wax with Karen. The whole experience from start to finish was fantastic, the salon is beautiful, clean and stylish. Karen is warm and very
    professional and put me at ease. The wax was not only painless, but I actually walked out of there feeling relaxed, comfortable down below and good about myself, the complete opposite from my last
    experience at a different salon. I 100% recomend Karen, I would never go anywhere else now, it would be madness!

  • Michelle (Sunday, January 27 13 11:54 am GMT)

    I went to Karen a couple of years ago and was very impressed with her professional yet relaxed approach and amazingly smooth, long lasting results. I don't live locally and have tried salons closer
    to home but none come close, so I am back to receive the best!

  • Annie (Saturday, January 26 13 03:35 pm GMT)

    After nervously booking my first wax i wasnt sure what to expect but Karen made the whole experiance very relaxing and painfree!! I will deffinitly be returning(Im writing this less than 2 hours
    after my first visit!)

  • Mary (Thursday, January 24 13 12:22 pm GMT)

    An absolutely fabulous experience in what is normally an uncomfortable one with any other waxer. The room is absolutely beautiful and Karen puts you completely at ease. Highly professional with up to
    date knowledge and methods, using only the best practices. I would never go to another waxer again and certainly wouldn't dream of going to a normal beauty salon after having a specialist. Thank you

  • Carrie (Saturday, December 22 12 04:17 pm GMT)

    I have been going to Karen for a while now and I would highly recommend her. Very professional service and an ace waxer.

  • Jane (Saturday, December 08 12 11:24 am GMT)

    I have been going to Karen for a couple of years now and she provides the best wax in town!! She has helped organise holiday and Wedding waxes. Always lovely to go and have a chat. I recommend Karen
    to all. Thank you Karen

  • Bernadette (Tuesday, November 06 12 07:37 am GMT)

    Karen provides a luxurious setting and an excellent service. No more painful waxing - thank you Karen.

  • Fiona (Saturday, September 08 12 01:44 pm BST)

    Karen is professional and friendly. The most comfortable wax I've ever had and worth paying for!

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